Lawn Fertilization Program

Envirocare knows what your lawn needs and will recommend the appropriate blend of dry and/or liquid fertilizer applications that are exclusively formulated to add health-building nutrients every season of the year. Grass varieties in our area respond best to an 8-application program, spaced 5-7 weeks apart to best suit the season. We will also provide Insect Control for all turf-damaging insects.

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Round 1 (Late Jan – March)
This first application is a pre-emergent designed to control crabgrass before it emerges and to establish early control of broadleaf weeds.

Round 2 (March – Early May)
Starter fertilization and supplemental crabgrass control to bring out good spring color and ensure continuous crabgrass control. Broadleaf weeds are treated as needed.

Round 3 (May – June)
Heavy fertilization is applied to stimulate healthy color. Broadleaf weed control is added as needed.

Round 4 (June – July)
A heavy fertilization with iron to maintain rich color and growth is applied with insect control as needed.

Round 5 (July – August)
Natural, organic nutrients to improve root growth, color and reduce stress of your turf. Spot treat for weeds when necessary.

Round 6 (Late August – October)
Pre-emergent for Poa annua control is applied with other essential nutrients. Any broadleaf weeds present will be treated, also.

Round 7 (October – Mid November)
Supplemental pre-emergent for Poa annua control. Any broadleaf weeds present will be treated.

Round 8 (November - December)
Lime is applied to adjust the pH of the soil to a healthy level for the turf. Any broadleaf weeds still present will be treated as well.

Key Benefits

  • Thicker, greener turf
  • Fewer weeds
  • A healthier, more attractive lawn
  • A heartier, more stress-resistant lawn

Testimonial image100% satisfied!! I have been a customer for the past 12 months. My yard looks exceptional since I have used their services!— Ginny C.