Liquid Aeration

For years, golf course, sports field and lawn care professionals have understood the benefits of aerating turfgrass. They have invested money in aerating machines and the employees to run them. Now, there is a product that works better than aerating machines and can be applied as a simple liquid spray application.

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SoilTech Aeration

SoilTech is an all-natural liquid polymer with a strong negative charge that forces itself down into your soil, expanding and uncoiling, aerating your lawn and removing sodium from the soil. Because of its positive charge (and clay's negative charge), sodium can contribute greatly to soil compaction and can also prevent your grass from using the nutrients in the soil.

The result is a well-aerated lawn that uses water and lawn fertilizer much better, giving you a greener, more lush lawn with a stronger, deeper root system. Try SoilTech this spring and see the difference it makes this summer!!

Benefits of Using SoilTech

  • Reduces Compaction: SoilTech aerates and loosens the soil so that your roots can grow deeper and stronger.
  • Makes Your Lawn Greener: SoilTech makes the fertilizer and other nutrients in the soil works better.
  • Makes Better Use of Your Watering: Save time and money by getting the most out of your watering. SoilTech lets water penetrate the soil more easily and reduces standing water and runoff.
  • Makes Your Lawn Look Better During Drought Conditions: A lawn that received a SoilTech application in the spring will hold up better in drought conditions, due to increased use of the water and a deeper, healthier root system.

Testimonial imageGreat people. Would recommend for both pest control and lawn care. — Jeremy J.