Pest Control in Homewood, AL

If you've noticed an infestation of some sort in your home, it's probably safe to say you don't want to hire an exterminator that won't get the job done properly and completely. Here at Envirocare, we are proud to have built a reputation as the leading provider of pest control service to the Homewood, AL, area because we take a comprehensive approach to our job, allowing us to stop pests right in their tracks.

From termites to mosquitoes, our strategy targets your pest problems so that they won't continue in the future. Some companies will charge you to do the bare minimum, but we don't like to do business that way.

Mosquito Control Experts

At Envirocare, we make sure that our team of technicians knows all about the best in the industry as far as treatments and techniques are concerned. Mosquitoes don't stand a chance against us! Our mosquito control professionals will assess your home from the inside and out, taking notes of the areas that are vulnerable to infestations. Next, they will apply a safe yet powerful treatment that will address the pest issues that are keeping you up at night. Don't lose sleep over pesky pests, mosquitoes and termites - call Envirocare today!

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Testimonial imageGreat people. Would recommend for both pest control and lawn care. — Jeremy J.