How Sentricon Works

Dow AgroSciences introduced Sentricon® in 1995 and has continually made improvements to the system. Envirocare uses the latest innovation with Always Active™. All stations are baited with Recruit IVTM HD bait, which is designed for year-round protection. Unlike liquid treatments, Sentricon is designed to eliminate entire termite colonies. While the effects of liquid treatments diminish over time, Sentricon's effectiveness improves over time.

Termite Baiting


There are several advantages to baiting for termite control, but two are paramount. First, a termite bait actually suppresses activity by a termite colony that is consuming the bait. This suppression substantially reduces or eliminates the potential of the colony to attack a structure. In fact, termite baits may, under the right circumstances, eliminate the termite colony. The second important advantage is the dramatic reduction in the amounts of pesticide necessary for termite control when termite baits are used in place of barrier treatments.

With Sentricon, monitoring stations are placed in 10-20 ft intervals around the perimeter of your property. Inside the stations are several wood interceptors for termites to feed on. The stations are inspected quarterly. In the event termite activity is discovered, the stations are baited and then monitored monthly until no further activity is noted.

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