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Birmingham Property Owners' Complete Guide To Effective Termite Control


There are not many pests that threaten homes in the way termites do. Most invasive creatures in our area come indoors through cracks and gaps and steal food and moisture where they can find it. Termites, on the other hand, invade homes through their structural wood. In fact, wood is the only reason these pests come indoors. If allowed to, termites will severely damage your property. We are here today to help you identify a termite problem and provide some tips and tricks to keep these pests from damaging your Birmingham home.

Clear Signs Of Termites To Be On The Look Out For

When termites chew their way into a home, they do not always make a big scene. Often, they invade from exterior soil directly to structural wood and then chew away unnoticed for months if not years. If your home is on a raised and undamaged concrete foundation, termites may have to build mud tubes to access its wood. These mud tubes are usually the first sign of infestation. If you do not see mud tubes around your home's foundation or notice cracks and gaps that termites might use to climb up, here are some other signs of termites to identify these pests with.

  • Overly squeaky floorboards
  • Tight-fitting doors and windows
  • Discolored walls, floors, and ceilings due to water damage
  • Bubbling or sagging paint or wallpaper
  • Pin-sized holes running in and out of structural wood
  • Swarmers (winged termites)
  • Swarmer wings

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Silently Create On Your Property

Termites will not destroy your home in a week. It takes these pests a long time to cause severe damage. The advantage termites have is that they are silent. Damage often starts in areas you cannot see, like the support beams in your crawl space or the planks behind your drywall. As infestations grow, signs of a termite problem become more apparent. The only problem is that even the smallest sign could indicate thousands of dollars of structural damage. The only way to know for certain is to tear into walls, floors, and ceilings and directly inspect structural wood.

How To Naturally Make Your Property Less Attractive To Termites

If termites are not currently eating your home, you should take some time to make it less susceptible to future invasions. To help you with this, here are seven natural ways to deter these pests.

  1. Seal gaps and cracks in your home's exterior foundation.
  2. Make sure your gutters are directing water away from your home's exterior.
  3. Eliminate sources of water buildup on your property.
  4. Remove sticks, leaf litter, and wood-based items like cardboard from your yard.
  5. Make sure all of your piping and fixtures are in good working order.
  6. Use a dehumidifier indoors.
  7. Repair or replace structural wood inside your home that is water-damaged, rotting, or in decay.

How Professionals Handle Termites

Because termites are so hard to identify, hiring a professional for a termite inspection and home pest control is important. At EnviroCare, we do not just inspect homes for termites. We also offer detailed service options to eliminate and prevent these destructive insects. You should know that homeowners' insurance does not cover termite damage. If you want to avoid a huge repair bill, you need to make sure there is no chance these pests get indoors.

Contact our team today to schedule your Birmingham property for a termite control visit. Let our team show you why we are your best option for pest control in Birmingham.