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Keeping The Wolf Spiders In Birmingham Outside Where They Belong

up close of spider

Two creatures send chills down most people's spines at the mention of their names: spiders and snakes. Birmingham is home to both. One of the many spiders in Alabama you might find in your Birmingham home is the wolf spider. If you want to keep these fast spiders out of your home, you need the Birmingham pest control services of EnviroCare.

Wolf Spiders: Identification & Habits

Most spiders are known for their webs, but not the wolf spider. Like a wolf, this crazy-looking spider chases its prey and pounces on them. In addition to its unusual hunting technique, you can identify the wolf spiders species by the following:

  • Dark grey, brown, or tan hairy top of the body
  • Light grey, cream, or black underside of the body
  • Distinct "Union Jack" markings on the back 
  • Three tiny claws at the end of their legs
  • 1/2 to 2 inches long
  • Eight dark eyes total

Wolf spiders are spiders that look similar to the brown recluse spider. One way to distinguish between the two types of spiders is the markings on the back. The brown recluse spider has a violin-shaped marking, while the wolf spider sports a Union Jack marking.

You are unlikely to witness a wolf spider in action because they like to hunt at night. You will likely see wolf spiders during the say while they enjoy bathing in the sun and running on the ground. You will also see them in gardens and grassy areas.

Because wolf spiders chase down their prey and then pounce on it, some wonder if they are jumpers. Some of the over 2,300 wolf spider species are jumpers, but they jump only when hunting prey. Don't worry about a wolf spider jumping on you since they do not consider humans as potential victims.

Common Ways Wolf Spiders Enter Houses

Outside, wolf spiders enjoy living under structures like stones, timbers, leaves, firewood, and other piles of debris. When the temperature starts to cool for the winter, they follow their prey into the warmth of homes. Wolf spiders enter the home through cracks, crevices, open doors, and holes in screens. They also get into basements and garages and then move inside the house.

In the house, wolf spiders are in the following areas:

  • At or near the floor
  • Along the walls
  • Near or under furniture

Although wolf spiders are harmless spiders, most people are not comfortable with sharing a home with them. 

Four Expert Tactics On Dealing With Wolf Spiders 

About 200 species of wolf spiders live in the United States. Although they do not attack or jump on humans, the thought of wolf spiders hunting while you sleep in your home is disconcerting.

Here are four tactics to get rid of wolf spiders in your house:

  1. Seal cracks on the exterior of the home. 
  2. Place screens on doors and windows of the home.
  3. Wash spiders away from the house's exterior using a stream from a garden hose. 
  4. Remove any piles of debris away from the house.

The tactics will help you reduce and control the wolf spider population in and around your home. However, wolf spiders are difficult to eliminate.

Total Spider Prevention Programs For Birmingham Residents

The best way to prevent and eliminate these freaky spiders from your home is to utilize the experienced team at EnviroCare. Our expert team knows where these spiders like to live in your home. We will provide environmentally safe and effective treatments to remove these spiders from your home. Reach out to us today and let us solve the wolf spider problem in your Birmingham home.