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The ABCs Of Spider Prevention: How To Keep Your Birmingham Home Arachnid-Free

spider up close

Do you ever stop and think about the spiders here in Birmingham? Many of them like to invade homes. Why? Because our homes provide them with access to food and shelter. If you have not taken the time to consider these pests or the problems they might cause inside your Birmingham home, here are some things to think about today.

Call our team at Envirocare to discover how we handle these pests. We will share with you some of our options for local spider control and find a plan that will best help you deal with these pests. 

The Anatomy of A Spider: Understanding Their Physical Characteristics

Not all spiders are the same. Some are small. Some are large. Some make webs. Some hunt from the ground. Web-building spiders tend to have bulbous abdomens and smooth exoskeletons. Many ground spiders are furry and have thick legs. Certain species in our area have incredibly thin legs and tiny bodies.

If you would like help determining what types of spiders are currently inside your home, we have a service that is perfect for you. Let one of our team members pay you a visit for a quick and thorough inspection. This is the best way to assess your risk. 

Spider Bite Symptoms: Warning Signs To Watch For

There are lots of spiders here in Birmingham. Not all are dangerous. Keeping this in mind, there are a few species that might cause you some serious trouble. The most common type of dangerous spider locally is the brown recluse. The brown recluse is a small brown ground spider with a backward violin-shaped mark behind its head. This pest looks similar to many other local arachnids, which can make it difficult to identify.

The last thing you want is to find out your home has a brown recluse problem because one of these pests bites you. A bite from a brown recluse can be extremely painful and has a necrotic effect on the skin and the tissue beneath. This usually leads to an ulcer that can become infected. We would like to help you avoid these potentially painful bites. To stay safe, find a prevention method that works to keep these pests at bay. 

Preventing Spiders From Coming Inside: Effective Prevention Techniques

Our goal is to help you stop spiders before they get into your home. Here are some DIY prevention tips that we recommend you try today.

  • Keep your living areas clean and reduce clutter as much as possible.

  • Knock down spider webs as you find them inside and around your home.

  • Make sure your doors and windows are well-sealed and in good working condition.

  • Fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation using some silicone caulk or liquid cement.

  • Turn off exterior lights at night.

Bring in our team at Envirocare if you think there are potentially dangerous spiders inside your home or if you are looking for a reliable option to control these pests.

Professional Spider Control: When To Call In The Experts

Investing in professional spider removal is never a waste of time or money. These pests can be a big problem locally. Make sure they do not take over your home by bringing in our team at Envirocare.

As our name suggests, we are an environmentally conscious pest control company that cares about your well-being. Let us help you find a solution to get and keep spiders and other local pests out of your living areas for good. Contact Envirocare to find out more about our home pest control services and make an appointment for your Birmingham home and property.