Ant Identification & Prevention

ants in a kitchen

What are ants?

We have many species of insects living in our region. Four of the most common are black ants, fire ants, house ants, and sugar ants. What all four species have in common is that they regularly pop up in Alabama homes and businesses.

Ants are easy to identify because of their three distinct body parts, defined waist, short antennae, and six legs. Reproductive members of a colony have wings, but the worker ants, which you are most likely to spot in your yard or home, are wingless. Worker ants are sterile females that make up the bulk of any ant colony; they are responsible for most of the work that goes into sustaining a colony; nest maintenance, gathering food, caring for young ants, and guarding the nest against danger.

Are ants dangerous?

Though mostly seen as small, annoying, and even insignificant most people don't worry if they spot a few ants on their property. The problem with ignoring ants is that the few you see are just the tip of the iceberg, and thousands more lurk nearby.

You should never ignore the presence of ants on your property. They spread harmful bacteria that cause disease, and several species, including fire ants, can and will bite you. In addition, ants can also destroy property and cause structural damage. If fire ants have become unbearable on your Birmingham-area property, reach out to us today for safe and effective fire ant control!

Why do I have an ant problem?

You have a problem with ants because they are using your home as a place of shelter, a place to forage for food, or both. Some species will find their way into your home to forage for food and then decide to stay and create a satellite nest.

When ants have become permanent members of your property, you will spot them moving around your indoor and outdoor spaces day and night. Ants are most active when the weather is warm in Alabama, and there is plenty of food for these insects to take advantage of.

Where will I find ants?

If ants are on your Alabama property, you will likely see them swarming around food sources like trash cans, recycling bins, outdoor eating areas, gardens, and pet food bowls.

Ants that have decided to nest in your home place their nests in locations that are hard to reach so that they can remain safe. Some of the most common spots that we find ant nests in Alabama homes include behind wall voids, under floors, behind cabinets, behind any trim, in structural wood, and inside electrical equipment.

How do I get rid of ants?

If you want the very best pest control possible for your Birmingham property, EnviroCare is here to support you. We will find all the ants and their nests on your property, treat them, and ensure your ant problems are a thing of the past. Our home pest control services are not only effective but environmentally responsible. Our detailed and customized services guarantee a solution to your pest problems.

To learn which of our services is a perfect fit for your home, reach out to EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services today. Let us work with you to protect your family, yard, and home against the ants that call the Alexander City/Lake Martin area of Alabama home.

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