Pest Control In Helena, AL

Pest Control In Helena, AL

As a suburb of the larger Birmingham, Alabama, metro area, Helena sees a whole lot of activity for how sleepy of a town it can seem to locals. While we’re far from the urban centers, we still see a lot of human and vehicle traffic through our area. And all of this modern activity creates exactly the byproducts that draw in pest populations. To keep your Helena property safe, you need to act early rather than wait for pest problems to strike. For pest control in Jefferson and Shelby counties, trust EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services. 

Residential Pest Control In Helena

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The key to keeping pests out of your home is not waiting for pest problems to form before you take the threat of them seriously. By the time pest infestations are noticeable, they will have grown to such a size that D.I.Y. methods will be mostly ineffective. Plus, they can have side effects that pose risks to your health and property.

In order to protect your Helena home against infestations, you need to get started on residential pest control long before you start to see pests crawling around or leaving their nasty droppings behind. With help from the experts, of course.

Here’s the safe and effective process used by EnviroCare Lawn & Pest services to protect Helena homes:

  • Discussion & Estimate: We can give you an estimate right over the phone by asking you just a few simple questions about your home’s size and level of pest risk. 
  • Treatment: After we inspect your property thoroughly to root out all signs of pests or attractants, we get to work on treatments that drive off existing populations and protect your home against future invasions. 
  • Follow-up & Guarantee: We back all of our services with a pest-free guarantee, meaning if we need to come back to treat your home again, we don’t charge extra. As such, we always check back with you after our initial service to make sure you’re completely satisfied. 

Keep pests out of your Helena home early by turning to the experts at EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Helena

For all the stress homeowners have over keeping pests out, it’s actually businesses that run the greatest risk of an infestation. Think about it, if human activity draws pests, they must be especially interested in the properties that see more than average activity. This is why all kinds of businesses, from the obvious restaurants to the less-considered hotels and warehouses, need to be careful to avoid pest infestations.

Not only is it just good to protect your reputation in a small city like Helena, but you can also save your property from these serious side effects of a pest population:

  • Property Damage: Pests can damage properties in any number of ways, from urine and feces causing stains to destructive biting and digging. The mounting damage that pests cause is much more costly to local businesses than simply paying for effective commercial pest control in the first place.  
  • Health Problems: Pests lead to disease and respiratory illnesses, including allergies. These factors not only impact the health of your customers but your employees, too. 
  • Fines & Closures: Not only do you have to worry about the mounting costs to address the issues above, but when local public health boards catch wind of pest problems, they impose harsh fines or even force you to close until the problem’s dealt with.

Protect your Helena business from these costly pest problems by partnering with EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services today for our commercial pest services. 

When Is It Time To Call A Professional For Cockroaches In My Helena Home?

As with all pest problems, it’s better to act early on cockroach control measures than wait. Cockroaches carry diseases, contribute to property damage, and attract other pests to your property. But, while all kinds of pests can lead to these issues, cockroaches are some of the most difficult to eliminate once they settle in. They breed quickly, meaning it can be impossible to fully get rid of their numbers with household measures or even store-bought baits and chemicals.

Speaking of, cockroaches are some of the fastest-adapting pests when it comes to resisting pesticides or treatment methods. The only way to guarantee the complete elimination of cockroaches is with help from professionals. Better yet, we can prevent cockroaches from invading your home in the first place by using thorough inspections and effective treatments that shield your property from infestations of all kinds. Rather than wait around for cockroaches to threaten your Helena home, contact EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services today to get started on true cockroach prevention. 

Expert Advice On Ant Control For Your Helena Home

When people picture common invasive insects, they tend to think of ants first and foremost. That’s because ants are such common invaders that pretty much everyone has seen one crawling around inside their home or out in their yard. And, as anyone who knows about ant colonies knows, where there is one ant, thousands more can follow.

You need to address the factors that attract ants to your home in the first place in order to stand any chance of avoiding the larger issues that an ant infestation can lead to. Your biggest areas of focus should be:

  • Food: Ants can detect food anywhere in your home thanks to the chemicals that food scraps exude and get picked up by the receptors in an ant’s antennae. You should deep clean regularly and store both your pantry items and disposed-of food scraps in secure locations. 
  • Moisture: Moist areas draw all kinds of pests, and ants are no exception. Taking proper moisture control measures, like addressing leaks and installing better ventilation methods, can go a long way toward pest control. 
  • Access Points: Ants can utilize tiny cracks or holes to get inside your home, so you need to frequently inspect and maintain around your house to fully account for every access point. 

The best way to address all of these factors is with help from local ant control experts. So contact EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services to get started right away.

Why Every Helena Property Needs Termite Control

Termite infestations are common concerns for Helena residents. These insects build nests in your yard and travel underground to reach your home, making them hard to discover. When they invade your home or business, they’ll eat through the wood structure and other cellulose-related items, potentially creating extensive damage over time.

Termites make small holes in wood and eat the inside first. They also cause damage slowly, so you probably won’t recognize the problems until it’s irreparable. Most insurance policies don't cover this type of damage, causing you to pay for repairs out of pocket. Fortunately, termite control professionals can help you avoid these issues.

At EnviroCare Lawn and Pest Services, we know the habits of termites, enabling us to find where they’re hiding. We use the best techniques to eliminate infestations and will remove others on your property. We offer a one-million-dollar warranty if termite damage occurs after our treatment and protect against various types of termites.

Most structures in the United States contain wood, making them susceptible to termites. Call us today to start benefiting from our termite control services in Helena.

How Helena Residents Can Avoid Mosquito Bites In The Summer

Summer brings warm weather, allowing Helena residents to participate in outdoor activities. Unfortunately, the warm weather also attracts mosquitoes to properties. These insects can’t survive in the cold, so they appear during spring and summer, biting at dawn and dusk. Possibly the most annoying pests for Alabama residents, some of these creatures can also be dangerous.

Most mosquitoes are nuisances, producing irritating bites, but some can spread illnesses to people. It’s hard to tell which mosquitoes are on your property, so you should avoid them all to be safe. Some tips to keep mosquitoes from biting you this summer include:

  • Eliminate standing water.
  • Remove excess vegetation.
  • Stay inside around dawn and dusk.
  • Wear long pants, sleeves, socks, shoes, and insect repellent.  

These tips can help you avoid mosquito bites, but they won’t remove them from your property. EnviroCare Lawn and Pest Services provide applications between March and October when these pests are most active. Treatments last 30 days, so we’ll return once a month to apply the most effective products to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard.

Mosquitoes can be annoying and potentially dangerous when they invade your Helena property. Give us a call to eliminate these pests around your home with our effective mosquito control services in Helena.

When Is It Time For Lawn Fertilization In Helena?

A well-maintained lawn provides several benefits for your property. It can improve its value and make your home the envy of the neighborhood. An essential part of lawn care is fertilizer, which promotes healthy, green grass and reduces the chances of disease.

You might know fertilizer is part of proper lawn care, but when should you apply it? Each season provides different concerns for your yard, so year-round fertilization can keep your lawn looking great. EnviroCare Lawn and Pest Services technicians use an eight-round schedule from January to December to protect your grass.

These applications include:

  • Pre-emergent application to control crabgrass and broadleaf weeds.
  1. Starter fertilization to limit crabgrass and bring out spring color.
  2. Heavy fertilization stimulates healthy color.
  3. Heavy fertilization with iron to maintain healthy growth and control insects.
  4. Apply natural and organic nutrients to promote root growth and reduce stress on your grass.
  5. Pre-emergent application for Poa annual control.
  6. Supplemental pre-emergent application for Poa annual control.
  7. Lime application to adjust the pH level of your soil.

We design our year-round application schedule for the types of grass and weeds that grow during specific seasons. We’ll also treat weed problems around your home to keep them from spreading. Contact us to learn more about our lawn fertilization services in Helena.

How Liquid Aeration Breathes New Life Into Helena Lawns & Properties

Aeration is an essential part of quality lawn maintenance. Over time, soil compacts in your yard, making it difficult for the necessary nutrients to reach the roots. The lawn aeration process puts holes into the ground so your grass can absorb the water, nutrients, and air to promote healthier growth.

Previously, the aeration process involved heavy equipment and experienced professionals, requiring time and expertise to complete successfully. At EnviroCare Lawn and Pest Services, we’ve developed a modern technique to break up soil compaction in your yard.

Soil contains sodium that has a positive charge and contributes to compaction. It prevents your grass from absorbing the necessary nutrients to maintain healthy growth. SoilTech is a spray developed by our technicians featuring a strong negative charge, allowing it to enter the soil and expand to aerate your lawn.

Following the application, you’ll experience multiple benefits, including:

  • Deeper and stronger roots
  • Efficient fertilization
  • Drought protection

SoilTech can be used on various grass species to produce strong and healthier growth. Call us to learn more about our liquid aeration method.