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Located on the outskirts of Birmingham, the city of Vestavia Hills is a thriving suburbia at its best. This tight-knit community has trendy gastropubs, traditional local fare, well-regarded public schools, a slew of helpful amenities, and clean parks. Vestavia Hills is filled with the state's signature Southern charm, making it a friendly place for many to call home. With warm conditions that can sometimes be unbearably humid and a mobile population, pest problems can develop daily. At EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services, we have been committed to addressing these challenges in the safest way possible for over 60 years. We customize our Jefferson County pest control to the needs of the homes and businesses that we work with and use only environmentally-responsible products that are gentle on people and pets. A pest-free guarantee also backs each service we provide, so you never have to be concerned about safety again. To learn more about our pest control offerings, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Vestavia Hills

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As a family-owned business now in our third generation of operation, caring for your home is our main goal at EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services. We prioritize your safety and satisfaction in everything we do, from thorough initial inspections and customized treatment plans to only using environmentally-safe products and staffing expert technicians. You can always expect our visits to be comprehensive, with exterior treatments and interior services as-needed. You can also rely on us to treat your property until pests are no longer a problem so you can sleep soundly. Contact us today for more information on how residential pest control can protect your home. 

Commercial Pest Control In Vestavia Hills

At EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services, we believe that no business should have to endure the damage and danger of having a pest infestation. To ensure that this is the case, we uphold a rigorous set of standards that include ongoing education for our technicians, environmentally-sound products, and a service guarantee on every treatment we perform. Each customer we work with receives a customized plan of action because we know that no two business properties are the same when it comes to pest problems. When you partner with us, you can rest assured that we address your pests, and your safety is our priority. For more information on our commercial pest control, contact us today. 

Four Common Ants Found In Vestavia Hills Homes

Ants as a species are the most common nuisance pest that you can find around your Vestavia Hills home; however, they're not all created equal.

Here are four of the ants that you're most likely to spot and why they're an issue:

  1. Odorous house ant - These tiny black ants are the ones the homeowners typically spot in the kitchens and bathrooms. They enter the home through small openings in search of sweet and sugary foods as well as water. 
  2. Carpenter ant - This type of ant is known for the damage they cause to structures. The carpenter ant will burrow inside the wood around your home, which has a similar effect to termites. 
  3. Pharaoh ant - The Pharaoh ant typically enters homes through torn screen doors in search of syrupy foods like honey and pastries. They can spread bacteria, which makes them a health risk. 
  4. Argentine ant - This species is known for its ability to grow extensive infestations, which are primarily located outside in soil, rotting wood, and even birds nests. Their infestations can be challenging to get rid of when they move inside.

To keep all kinds of ants out of your home, contact EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services for ant control today. 

Are Vestavia Hills Cockroaches More Of A Problem In The Summer?

Conditions in Vestavia Hills range from mild winters to warm and humid summers, and while many residents enjoy this fact, it means that cockroaches are a year-round problem. This regular frequency of cockroach infestations is not only attributed to the local climate, but the state of local properties can also cause it. Cockroaches of varying species are lured to properties by the promise of food scraps and water, making something as simple as a leaky faucet or crumbs on the floor an issue. Cockroaches are a continuous problem because they can utilize the sewer system, jump between shared walls, and invade packages left out on the porch. At EnviroCare Lawn & Pest Services, we handle roaches safely and effectively. Our expert technicians are specifically trained in the ways of cockroaches and will customize a cockroach control program to address them thoroughly. To learn more about cockroach prevention, contact us today. 

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