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Are You Having A Hard Time Dealing With Fire Ants In Birmingham?

close up of two ants

Are you finding fire ants in your yard or even in your Birmingham home? Fire ants are an invasive species commonly found in the Birmingham area. You need to stay far away from these types of ants because they have a vicious sting that will welt and possibly give you a severe allergic reaction. While it’s rare for fire ants to get in a house, it is possible. Either way, if you’re finding fire ants in your home or fire ant mounds in your yard, you need to call EnviroCare, the company that delivers superior pest control in Birmingham.

Clear Signs Of Fire Ants

It’s pretty hard not to notice fire ants in Birmingham. You may find their mounds or nests in your yard. A fire ant mound doesn’t look like other ant hills or mounds because there is no center hole. Mounds are flat with an irregular shape and measure between two to four feet. If you do find a mound, don’t get too close, and please don’t disturb it. You should be able to see reddish-brown ants busily creeping around the mound and surrounding area. They like to “attack” in swarms, so if you find a few around your feet, quickly retreat. You may find them feeding on a bee or other bug, or you may find them devouring a plant. They are omnivores, so they will also eat small mammals and even reptiles. It’s safe to say they will eat almost anything, but they prefer sweet, moist food.

Why Fire Ants Are More Problematic Than Other Ants

Unlike other ants, Birmingham fire ants find an invader very disruptive – you are their enemy. If you disturb their nest, they will aggressively swarm and sting you. Fire ant stings are very painful and create a burning sensation. If you get stung multiple times by a number of fire ants, you can have a severe reaction. If you find a mound, it’s best to walk away and call us at EnviroCare. We’ll come and take care of the mound and the ants for you.

What Attracts Fire Ants To A Yard?

Fire ants are attracted to a number of things in your yard:

  • Damp or moist landscaping
  • Wet, rotting logs or branches
  • Moist, low grassy areas
  • Areas that hold rainwater
  • Steady food sources

They can get into your home through your AC unit or HVAC system, so make sure those areas are sealed to block access. While having a fire ant infestation inside your structure is rare, it does happen. It’s best to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals, who will ensure any access points are eliminated.

The Most Effective Ant Control Method For Birmingham Homes

Since it’s extremely dangerous to get close to a fire ant nest in order to treat yourself, we highly suggest hiring a professional. The experts at EnviroCare are trained to handle all pest problems, including fire ant infestations. We offer free inspections and safe, effective fire ant treatment in Birmingham. Our company has been around since 1958, and we know what we’re doing. After our initial inspection, we will work with you to form a plan that you can afford. We’ll perform the initial treatment and schedule follow-up treatments if needed. We also have bundle and save packages in case there are other pests in your household you need help with. All of our services are satisfaction guaranteed, so you can’t go wrong! To get started with our superior fire ant control in Birmingham, simply contact us today.