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Is Professional Termite Control An Absolute Necessity In Birmingham?


Birmingham residents encounter two kinds of termites: Formosan and subterranean. While having either type isn’t good, the Formosan termites are more aggressive in their destructive activities. They chew through wood flooring, walls, beams, and even wallpaper. Subterranean termites, though not as aggressive as Formosans, eat wood 24/7 and can cause more damage than any other type of termite. If you don’t get regular termite inspections, you risk suffering tremendous structural damage to your home. Let EnviroCare help with your Birmingham pest control.

Signs of Termite Activity To Watch For Around Your Home

Since termites in Birmingham eat wood and other types of cellulose material, you won’t find them on your kitchen counter or hanging out in your bathroom. They prefer damp, dark spaces. Most of them are deep in your structure, silently eating away and rapidly reproducing. For that reason, they are hard to find, as is the evidence of termite damage. There are some things you can watch out for:

  • Small mud tubes/tunnels that lead to tucked-away places
  • Paint that is wavy or bubbling up
  • Walls that sound hollow when you knock on them
  • Small “sawdust” or wood-colored pellet piles (termite feces)
  • Transparent shed wings, especially near windows and doors

Unfortunately, since termites in Birmingham are evasive and hide so well, you most likely won’t see a swarm. If you do happen to see one or two termites, assume there are many more.

The Extent Of Damage Termites Can Silently Do To Your Home

The length of time the termites have been “working” in your home will determine how much destruction has occurred. Since they reproduce quickly – a Formosan female, or queen, can lay over 1,000 eggs a day – you could have a colony of several million termites in no time. If a single colony is active for a number of years, you’re going to find unstable floors, doors and windows that don’t shut correctly, crumbling walls and beams, and in the worst-case scenario, a structure that will collapse. If you ever decide to list your home for sale, any evidence of termites and their activity could deem your Birmingham home unsellable.

Naturally Effective Termite Prevention Tips For Your Property

If you know you are termite-free thanks to a professional termite inspection, there are steps you can take to naturally help prevent termites from becoming a problem:

  • Keep wood landscaping material away from your exterior
  • Don’t stack firewood against your exterior
  • Seal or caulk any possible entry points 
  • Keep your house clutter-free and remove debris that can conceal entry points
  • Schedule regular inspections and natural deterrent applications with a professional company 

The professionals at EnviroCare highly recommend not using products you can buy in a store to treat any pest on your own. We know from experience and customer testimonials that they do not work and can compromise your, your family, and your pets’ health.

Professional Termite Control Offers Lasting Protection For Your Home

If you have termites or are looking to implement an outstanding termite prevention program in Birmingham, look no further than the friendly, seasoned experts at EnviroCare. We are Birmingham’s pest control company of choice. Why? We’ve been around for years, solving homeowners’ pest problems with speed and ease. We offer free termite inspections and can perform termite removal on the same day. We offer follow-up plans that fit your budget. We also offer a termite and pest control guarantee that can’t be beat by any other company in the area. Take care of your termite problem – and save your structure – today. Contact us to set up an appointment and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Birmingham, including our Birmingham termite control services. We’ll take good care of you, and that’s our promise.