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Are You Struggling To Deal With Crickets In Birmingham?

cricket up close

Life in Birmingham can be great. Granted, the summers are a little warm and humid, but it’s worth it for the beautiful falls and football weather. And whether you are “Roll Tide” or “War Eagle,” you know that living in Birmingham also means you will have to deal with pests. 

One common pest we see in Birmingham is crickets. Fortunately, at EnviroCare, we are here to help. Read on to learn more about crickets, why they sing, and how professional pest control in Birmingham can help keep your home free of crickets and other common pests.

Signs Of Crickets On Your Property

The good news about crickets on your property is that they aren’t a direct threat to humans, although they can spread diseases, bacteria, and parasites. But even if they won’t bite or sting you, they can be a nuisance pest you don’t want hanging around. 

If you know what to look for, you can spot signs of crickets on your property and get professional home pest control quickly before the infestation grows. Here are some signs of a cricket infestation to look out for:

  • Chewed-up fabric, usually on the edges of silk, wool, cotton, and synthetic material
  • Loud chirping noises that male crickets use as a mating call
  • The presence of crickets in your home

If you see any of these signs, contact us immediately and let us get to work on your cricket problem. 

Why Do Crickets Make The Sound They Do?

If you’ve spent any time in areas where crickets are common, you are probably familiar with the classic cricket chirp. While the noise can become so common that you don’t pay it much attention, you may also wonder why crickets chirp.

Crickets in Birmingham chirp to attract mates, and only male crickets make the typical chirping sound. They do so by rubbing their front wings together to create the sound. Different species of crickets chirp at different rates and tones. The house cricket has a more continuous chirp that occurs only at night, while the field cricket chirps both day and night in a less high-pitched tone. The camel cricket, which we frequently see in Birmingham, doesn’t chirp at all. The speed at which crickets chirp is also affected by the temperature. The warmer it gets, the more crickets chirp. 

Ways To Deter Crickets Easily In Birmingham

Having a cricket infestation can be a significant issue around your home. Crickets can be destructive and keep you up at night with their chirping. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent crickets around your home:

  • Reduce moisture around your home and yard
  • Keep your lawn mowed and plant beds weeded
  • Store firewood at least 20 feet from your home
  • Remove or reduce lawn clutter, brush piles, and other potential harborage areas
  • Use yellow bulbs or sodium vapor lights
  • Seal cracks and crevices around your home

Following these steps can help prevent crickets around your home and yard.

The Best Way To Keep Crickets Out Of Your Home For Good

The best way to prevent crickets around your home is to partner with us at EnviroCare for pest prevention you can count on, guaranteed. We offer home pest control plans you can trust that will quickly eliminate any active infestations you are facing. We will also schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that your home remains free of crickets, and other common Birmingham pests, all year long. Call us today to ensure that you and your family can enjoy life in Birmingham without crickets keeping you up all night.