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Ant Control 101: A Helpful Guide For Birmingham Homeowners


Pest control is a crucial part of owning a home, and ants are among the most common house pests across the country. In this article, we’ll talk about ant control in Birmingham. We’ll cover some key information you should be aware of when dealing with these pests, starting with the general life cycle of ants and how colonies grow. Then we’ll go over the risks of having ants in your home. Lastly, we’ll give you some tips for keeping ants away and explain the benefits of hiring a professional ant control service. Pest control in Birmingham is made simple and affordable by EnviroCare Lawn and Pest Services. We’ve been assisting local homeowners for years and are determined to help our customers recover the peace of mind that comes with a pest-free home. 

The Life Cycle Of Ants: How Ant Colonies Develop 

Ants are highly social insects; they possess numerous ways of communicating with each other, and they are able to respond quickly to any threat to their colonies. But how does an ant colony develop? Though the exact numbers vary with the type of ant and environmental conditions, most ants spend between several weeks and several months in metamorphosis between an egg and a fully grown adult. The eggs are laid by an ant queen after she mates. After a week or two, the eggs hatch into larvae. The adult worker ants in most colonies spend a great deal of time feeding the larvae to help them grow. Eventually, the larvae molt into pupae. Pupae resemble adults, but they are generally lighter in color, and their legs and antennae are folded and not yet functional. When the pupae are fully grown, they take on one of three roles – worker, male, or queen. In the next section, we’ll discuss the problems an ant infestation can cause in your home. 

Ant Dangers: Understanding The Risks Of An Infestation 

Having a few ants in your home might not seem like a big deal at first, but these pests can cause a lot of issues if you don’t get rid of them quickly. Since ants can communicate efficiently, an ant that finds a good food source can relay that information to the rest of the colony. There may only be a few ants one minute, but the next, you could find a drawer, floor, or counter overrun with them. Ants contaminate food and can cause sickness if the contaminated food is ingested. They can also attract other pests, like mice and spiders, by serving as a food source for them. In the last two sections, we’ll talk about ant control for homeowners. 

Ant Prevention Is Key: Effective Tips And Tricks

Pest prevention is the first step to a pest-free home. If you can keep pests from getting into your home, you won’t have to deal with infestations. Here are a few simple ant prevention tips that will help you minimize ant problems: 

  • Get rid of any sources of standing water.

  • Seal any gaps in the exterior of your home.

  • Trim shrubs and tree branches that grow too close to your home.

  • Keep your kitchen and eating areas clean.

  • Store food in sealed containers. 

By following these steps, you can greatly reduce the chances of an ant problem in your home. If you do need help getting rid of ants, you can always call EnviroCare Lawn and Pest Services. 

Professional Ant Control: A Great Way To Keep Ants Out For Good 

When you need a professional ant control service near your home, you can never go wrong with EnviroCare. Since 1958, our family-owned company has provided top-notch pest control services to residents of Birmingham. Our technicians are highly trained and will work with you to create a pest removal plan that works for you. Our treatments are environmentally friendly, and we offer a service guarantee. Contact EnviroCare today!