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Spiders Be Gone: Expert Tips For Effective Spider Control For Your Birmingham Home

spider up close

Few things cause people to shriek in fear than spiders. Something about those eight-legged, hairy arachnids makes people run out of a room or grab for something nearby to squish it. Perhaps our fear of spiders comes from their erratic quick behavior or too many horror movies. Either way, no one wants spiders crawling around in the house. 

If spiders walk across the floor, up walls, or over your bed, you need pest control in Birmingham from Envirocare. We are third generation family-run company that has removed spiders from homes since 1958. Decades of commitment to providing environmentally-responsible services and quality customer care have made us a local industry leader. Please continue to read to learn how to end a spider infestation in your Birmingham home.

Spider Behavior: How They Hunt, Feed, And Mate

The habits and behavior of a spider depend upon its species, so let's begin by listing the types of spiders in Birmingham, followed by a brief discussion of their activities. Here are the spiders in Birmingham that infest many homes:

  • Brown recluse spider

  • Daddy longlegs spider

  • House spider

  • Wolf spider

Brown recluse and wolf spiders do not use webs to capture prey; instead, they hunt them down and paralyze them using the venom in their fangs. These two species differ, however, because brown recluse spiders build webs as retreats in dark, secluded areas, but wolf spiders do not create the sticky snares. Brown recluse spiders also use their spinnerets to construct an egg sac, which they use to store roughly 40 eggs. On the other hand, wolf spiders encase their fertilized eggs in an egg sac which they deposit in a covered area.

House spiders create tangled webs, often in areas with airflow, for catching insects. They attach brownish-round egg sacs that contain about 250 eggs to furniture backs and bottoms or their webs. Daddy longleg spiders carry their eggs sacs in their mouths, unless when eating, until the eggs hatch. Technically, these arachnids are not spiders because they cannot spin silk and do not possess fangs or venom. Because they cannot paralyze live prey, daddy longlegs eat dead insects, spiders, and bird droppings. 

When you see these common household spiders crawling through your Birmingham house, you need Envirocare. Our trained technicians have the tools to remove these arachnids from your home. 

Symptoms Of Spider Bites: What To Expect And How To Treat

Children enjoy playing with daddy longlegs spiders because they do not have fangs to bite, but the other spiders can inflict wounds. Spiders do not attack people and will bite only if threatened or if they are being crushed (i.e., in clothing). A bite from a house or wolf spider (although rare) may cause a temporary stinging sensation, but one from a brown recluse has more consequences. 

Although only 1/4 to 1/2 inch long, a brown recluse packs a powerful punch. The venom a brown recluse spider injects results in a stinging sensation, a swollen blister, and local swelling. Restlessness, fever, and sleeping difficulties are additional symptoms of a brown recluse bite. In addition to these issues, the venom may cause tissue to die at the wound site creating an ulcer that may penetrate the bone, leaving a dense scar. 

Envirocare protects your family from these common spiders in Alabama by removing them from the home. 

Spider-Proofing: Tips For Preventing Spiders In The Home

Here are a few tips to prevent spiders in the home:

  • Remove clutter from inside the house

  • Cover garbage containers

  • Fix leaking plumbing fixtures

  • Install exterior bug lights

  • Vacuum the house regularly

These ideas will deter spiders from entering your Birmingham house. 

Professional Pest Control: A Great Spider Control Solution

The best way to get rid of house spiders and other spider species is to secure professional home pest control in Birmingham with Envirocare. After discussing the situation on the phone and providing a free estimate, we dispatch a highly-trained technician to your home. 

Our process begins by inspecting your Birmingham home to identify entry points, attractants, hot spots, and the spider species infesting your home. Our approach continues with an initial treatment of the interior to eliminate eggs and the spiders living inside. We also treat the exterior and form a barrier to stop spiders from entering the house. To ensure your home remains spider-free, we offer various treatment plans. 

Envirocare has the tools, experience, and knowledge to stop all types of spiders in Alabama.